2005 Lumber Auction
2005 Lumber Auction

The Upper Canada Woods Cooperative is a forest landowner management, processing and marketing co-op. Our Mission is to maximize ecological, economic and aesthetic benefits from our forests. We promote sustainable, environmentally responsible forest practices, landowner and consumer education, and local manufacturing of value-added products.

A diverse forest industry and a healthy natural landscape are essential to the well being of our communities and local economies. Landowners, forest managers and industry participants must nurture and maintain these lands for future generations. UCWC provides:

  • A responsible, member owned and controlled means for forest owners to manage, harvest, process and market their forest products.
  • Educational opportunities for landowners, foresters, loggers and the public at large about the values of practicing ecologically sound forestry.
  • Encouragement for the use of sustainable forest management practices.
Horse Logging
Horse logger, David Smallwood works away at R. Kennedy’s woodlot who is a U.C.W.C. member, north of Tamworth. Some of the Eastern White Cedar logs that are harvested from this operation will be processed for the joint venture project between the Friends of Charles Daley Park and the U.C.W.C. to construct an environmental educational interpretative boardwalk in the Niagara region.

So What Can The UCWC Do For You?

Do you have a woodlot that you are wondering what to do with? Do you have any idea of the valuable asset you have standing there, or can you not see it for all the trees? Are loggers calling you offering to cut your standing timber? Are you interested in managing your woodlot to improve its quality and value? Would you like to attract wildlife to your forest? As well improve the habitat for a variety of creatures to share your little bit of paradise with you and your family? Would you perhaps eventually like to benefit from limited harvesting on a sustainable basis where most of the value of your timber will end up in your pocket?

If any of these questions have been occurring to you, you should take a look at how the Upper Canada Woods Cooperative Limited may be able to help you realize your goals for your forest. Your forest is an extremely valuable asset which, properly managed, can add greatly to you and your family's enjoyment of your property and to its value. If the goals above match what you want for your forest, then perhaps joining a group of landowners who share your values may be of help to you in both realizing your dreams for your woodlot and avoiding falling into the many traps out there for uninformed property owners. We are all helping each other to realize our dreams for our forests. Perhaps we can help you to make informed decisions about your woodlot. Get in touch with us today through our contact page. You will be glad you did and you will meet a group of landowners who truly believe that "Our Forests Come First!"

Member Case Study

Art Boisvert

Art and Doris Boisvert joined the Upper Canada Woods Cooperative (UCWC) soon after it was founded in 2002. Though the Boisverts live in Kingston, their first love is a pair of rugged, wooded properties in the shield country north of Napanee. One, in the former Hinchinbrooke Township, is mostly rock, bush and swamp. [full profile]


December 2005
Charles Daley Park Community Boardwalk Project [more info]

April 1, 2005
UCWC gets big vote of confidence with
$43,900 grant from federal government. [full story]

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U.C.W.C. - "How to Sell Your Forest Products"
Janaury 2006
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